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  Common surnames for Vjollca:

Vjollca Abazi
Vjollca Abbott
Vjollca Ahmedi
Vjollca Ahmeti
Vjollca Ajdini
Vjollca Ajeti
Vjollca Ajrulla
Vjollca Aliu
Vjollca Allamani
Vjollca Alushi
Vjollca Andoni
Vjollca Anvari
Vjollca Arapi
Vjollca Asani
Vjollca Azemi
Vjollca Bajra
Vjollca Bakiu
Vjollca Balaj
Vjollca Banushi
Vjollca Bardhi
Vjollca Basha
Vjollca Behluli
Vjollca Bekteshi
Vjollca Belegu
Vjollca Berisha
Vjollca Bilalli
Vjollca Bislimi
Vjollca Braho
Vjollca Braina
Vjollca Bunjaku
Vjollca Bylykbashi
Vjollca Cani
Vjollca Caushi
Vjollca Cavolli
Vjollca Ceka
Vjollca Cenolli
Vjollca Cocaj
Vjollca Dako
Vjollca Dalipi
Vjollca Dauti
Vjollca Dedaj
Vjollca Dede
Vjollca Dedei
Vjollca Dedushaj
Vjollca Dibra
Vjollca Dinga
Vjollca Dragidella
Vjollca Duriqi
Vjollca Dzelili
Vjollca Gega
Vjollca Gery
Vjollca Gjikolli
Vjollca Gjini
Vjollca Gjoka
Vjollca Gjonbalaj
Vjollca Hakaj
Vjollca Halimi
Vjollca Hamitaj
Vjollca Hasanaj
Vjollca Haxha
Vjollca Hoti
Vjollca Hoxholli
Vjollca Hysa
Vjollca Hysenaj
Vjollca Hysenlika
Vjollca Idrizi
Vjollca Ifti
Vjollca Imeri
Vjollca Istrefi
Vjollca Jace
Vjollca Jakupi
Vjollca Josifi
Vjollca Jusufi
Vjollca Kacani
Vjollca Kadolli
Vjollca Kalemi
Vjollca Kastrati
Vjollca Kelmendi
Vjollca Klosi
Vjollca Komoni
Vjollca Konjufca
Vjollca Krasniqi
Vjollca Krate
Vjollca Kryeziu
Vjollca Kukeli
Vjollca Kupi
Vjollca Kuqi
Vjollca Kurtaj
Vjollca Labaj
Vjollca Lala
Vjollca Lena
Vjollca Lika
Vjollca Lina
Vjollca Line
Vjollca Llapashtica
Vjollca Lokaj
Vjollca Magjera
Vjollca Matoshi
Vjollca Mavriqi
Vjollca Maxhera
Vjollca Maxhuni
Vjollca Merdani
Vjollca Merko
Vjollca Metaj
Vjollca Misini
Vjollca Mucaj
Vjollca Mulliqi
Vjollca Musabelliu
Vjollca Musliu
Vjollca Myzyri
Vjollca Nikci
Vjollca Orgocka
Vjollca Osmanaj
Vjollca Osmani
Vjollca Panariti
Vjollca Parduzi
Vjollca Pepa
Vjollca Pilica
Vjollca Pllana
Vjollca Podvorica
Vjollca Qafalijaj
Vjollca Qoku
Vjollca Radogoshi
Vjollca Rakipi
Vjollca Ramadani
Vjollca Ramadushi
Vjollca Ramazani
Vjollca Rauf
Vjollca Sahiti
Vjollca Saliaj
Vjollca Saliu
Vjollca Sallahu
Vjollca Serjani
Vjollca Shabanaj
Vjollca Shala
Vjollca Sharapolli
Vjollca Shkodra
Vjollca Shkreli
Vjollca Shtylla
Vjollca Sllamniku
Vjollca Statovci
Vjollca Suka
Vjollca Sweet
Vjollca Terbunja
Vjollca Thana
Vjollca Thaqi
Vjollca Tola
Vjollca Tonuzi
Vjollca Topojani
Vjollca Vataj
Vjollca Vincent
Vjollca Vokshi
Vjollca Xhelilaj
Vjollca Zabergja
Vjollca Zani
Vjollca Zeqiri
Vjollca Zyberi
Vjollca Zymberi

Popularity score: 48900

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