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  Common first names for surname Khanum:

Aashna Khanum
Aasia Khanum
Abida Khanum
Adeeba Khanum
Adiba Khanum
Afruza Khanum
Aisha Khanum
Aiysha Khanum
Akeela Khanum
Akheela Khanum
Alisha Khanum
Ambia Khanum
Amera Khanum
Amina Khanum
Ansa Khanum
Antartia Khanum
Anum Khanum
Anwari Khanum
Asfia Khanum
Asia Khanum
Asifa Khanum
Asiya Khanum
Asma Khanum
Asra Khanum
Athari Khanum
Atiyeh Khanum
Ayesha Khanum
Aysha Khanum
Azra Khanum
Balqees Khanum
Birjees Khanum
Effa Khanum
Elnaz Khanum
Erum Khanum
Fahmida Khanum
Fahmin Khanum
Falak Khanum
Farhath Khanum
Farhat Khanum
Farheen Khanum
Farida Khanum
Farzana Khanum
Fatama Khanum
Fateeha Khanum
Fathima Khanum
Fatima Khanum
Firdous Khanum
Frida Khanum
Ghazala Khanum
Ghazia Khanum
Golab Khanum
Gulnaz Khanum
Habeeba Khanum
Hadisa Khanum
Hajira Khanum
Haleh Khanum
Halima Khanum
Haneesha Khanum
Hasina Khanum
Hasna Khanum
Heena Khanum
Hifsa Khanum
Hira Khanum
Huma Khanum
Humera Khanum
Huzefa Khanum
Injila Khanum
Kashifa Khanum
Khalida Khanum
Khuteja Khanum
Kiki Khanum
Kobila Khanum
Kubra Khanum
Kunigal Khanum
Lal Khanum
Mabia Khanum
Maheera Khanum
Mahmooda Khanum
Maria Khanum
Mashuda Khanum
Mehnaz Khanum
Morvarid Khanum
Mrsrokhiya Khanum
Mubashira Khanum
Munawer Khanum
Munazza Khanum
Nadia Khanum
Nafisa Khanum
Naheed Khanum
Nahida Khanum
Narjis Khanum
Nasreen Khanum
Natasha Khanum
Navida Khanum
Nayima Khanum
Nazanin Khanum
Nazina Khanum
Neha Khanum
Nelufa Khanum
Nilufa Khanum
Nurjahan Khanum
Nurma Khanum
Qudsia Khanum
Raafia Khanum
Rabia Khanum
Raisa Khanum
Rakia Khanum
Raxona Khanum
Razna Khanum
Reshma Khanum
Rexona Khanum
Rizwana Khanum
Rokshana Khanum
Roqaiya Khanum
Rosita Khanum
Roufa Khanum
Rubina Khanum
Ruhi Khanum
Ruqiya Khanum
Saadia Khanum
Saba Khanum
Sabiha Khanum
Sadaf Khanum
Sahdia Khanum
Sairah Khanum
Saira Khanum
Saireen Khanum
Saleha Khanum
Salema Khanum
Salma Khanum
Sameera Khanum
Sameia Khanum
Samrin Khanum
Sanjida Khanum
Sara Khanum
Seema Khanum
Shabana Khanum
Shabnum Khanum
Shaharzad Khanum
Shaheda Khanum
Shahema Khanum
Shaistha Khanum
Shajeda Khanum
Shamina Khanum
Shanaz Khanum
Shaukath Khanum
Shazia Khanum
Shehnila Khanum
Shehryar Khanum
Shipla Khanum
Shireen Khanum
Shumana Khanum
Sobia Khanum
Sumayya Khanum
Sumiya Khanum
Surieya Khanum
Surraya Khanum
Tabbu Khanum
Taniya Khanum
Tannaz Khanum
Tanzia Khanum
Taslima Khanum
Tasneem Khanum
Tassawar Khanum
Tayyaba Khanum
Waheeda Khanum
Yalda Khanum
Zabaira Khanum
Zara Khanum
Zeeshan Khanum
Zohora Khanum
Zubaida Khanum

This surname was found in the following countries:
nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam   

Popularity score: 194000

Common misspellings and typos for this name: Khaunm, Kahnum, Khnaum, Khanu, Khanua, Khsnum, Khanum,
Khanum, Khanum, Khanum, Khanum, Khanuma, Khanume, Khanumi, Khanumo, Khannum

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