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  Common first names for surname Khawaja:

Aalia Khawaja
Aamir Khawaja
Abby Khawaja
Abdelnasser Khawaja
Abdlamir Khawaja
Abdul Khawaja
Abdullah Khawaja
Abrar Khawaja
Adam Khawaja
Adeel Khawaja
Adnan Khawaja
Aeman Khawaja
Afshan Khawaja
Ahad Khawaja
Ahmad Khawaja
Ahmed Khawaja
Ahmen Khawaja
Ahmish Khawaja
Ahsan Khawaja
Ahson Khawaja
Ahthsham Khawaja
Aisha Khawaja
Aizah Khawaja
Ajam Khawaja
Akbar Khawaja
Akber Khawaja
Akhtar Khawaja
Akiko Khawaja
Akira Khawaja
Alain Khawaja
Alayne Khawaja
Alberta Khawaja
Albertina Khawaja
Alberto Khawaja
Albin Khawaja
Albino Khawaja
Aleem Khawaja
Alexandra Khawaja
Alia Khawaja
Ali Khawaja
Aliya Khawaja
Almas Khawaja
Amal Khawaja
Amana Khawaja
Ambreen Khawaja
Ameera Khawaja
Amirbano Khawaja
Amna Khawaja
Anam Khawaja
Andleeb Khawaja
Andrea Khawaja
Aneela Khawaja
Aneeqa Khawaja
Angela Khawaja
Angelika Khawaja
Anita Khawaja
Anjali Khawaja
Anneela Khawaja
Anne Khawaja
Anosha Khawaja
Anthony Khawaja
Antoun Khawaja
Apsara Khawaja
Areeba Khawaja
Aresha Khawaja
Arif Khawaja
Arij Khawaja
Arshad Khawaja
Asfand Khawaja
Asfia Khawaja
Asghar Khawaja
Asif Khawaja
Asim Khawaja
Assad Khawaja
Ataf Khawaja
Ather Khawaja
Atif Khawaja
Atika Khawaja
Atique Khawaja
Attiq Khawaja
Aurangzaib Khawaja
Awes Khawaja
Ayza Khawaja
Azam Khawaja
Azeemuddin Khawaja
Azhar Khawaja
Azmatullah Khawaja
Babar Khawaja
Bakhtiar Khawaja
Balquis Khawaja
Barkat Khawaja
Barrira Khawaja
Basalat Khawaja
Bassam Khawaja
Bilal Khawaja
Danish Khawaja
David Khawaja
Dawn Khawaja
Dilshad Khawaja
Dorie Khawaja
Elie Khawaja
Eliomik Khawaja
Elizabeth Khawaja
Esam Khawaja
Fadi Khawaja
Fahad Khawaja
Fahd Khawaja
Faheem Khawaja
Fahid Khawaja
Faisal Khawaja
Faiza Khawaja
Faizan Khawaja
Fakharuddin Khawaja
Farah Khawaja
Farasat Khawaja
Fareed Khawaja
Fareeduddin Khawaja
Fareeha Khawaja
Fareha Khawaja
Farhart Khawaja
Farhat Khawaja
Farhi Khawaja
Farida Khawaja
Farid Khawaja
Fariha Khawaja
Faris Khawaja
Farooq Khawaja
Farouk Khawaja
Farrah Khawaja
Farrakh Khawaja
Farrha Khawaja
Farrukh Khawaja
Faryal Khawaja
Farzan Khawaja
Farzeen Khawaja
Fasih Khawaja
Fatima Khawaja
Fatma Khawaja
Fawwad Khawaja
Fayyaz Khawaja
Fayzan Khawaja
Fazan Khawaja
Feras Khawaja
Firdous Khawaja
Fiza Khawaja
Foaud Khawaja
Fozia Khawaja
Gauhar Khawaja
George Khawaja
Ghulam Khawaja
Habiba Khawaja
Habibullah Khawaja
Hadia Khawaja
Hadya Khawaja
Haider Khawaja
Haifa Khawaja
Haisum Khawaja
Haitham Khawaja
Hajib Khawaja
Hamayoun Khawaja
Hamid Khawaja
Hammad Khawaja
Hamza Khawaja
Hanin Khawaja
Haris Khawaja
Haroon Khawaja
Harris Khawaja
Hasan Khawaja
Haseeb Khawaja
Hashim Khawaja
Hasib Khawaja
Hasnain Khawaja
Hasnat Khawaja
Hassam Khawaja
Hassan Khawaja
Hiba Khawaja
Himna Khawaja
Hisam Khawaja
Humayon Khawaja
Humayun Khawaja
Humera Khawaja
Huraira Khawaja
Ibrahim Khawaja
Iffat Khawaja
Ilona Khawaja
Ilyas Khawaja
Iman Khawaja
Imrana Khawaja
Imran Khawaja
Iram Khawaja
Irfan Khawaja
Ishtar Khawaja
Issam Khawaja
Jack Khawaja
Jad Khawaja
Jahanzaab Khawaja
Jaleed Khawaja
Jamal Khawaja
Jamial Khawaja
Jamil Khawaja
Jasmyn Khawaja
Javaid Khawaja
Javid Khawaja
Jawad Khawaja
Jehanzeb Khawaja
Jereis Khawaja
Jmal Khawaja
Joe Khawaja
Joseph Khawaja
Kaashif Khawaja
Kalim Khawaja
Kaml Khawaja
Kamran Khawaja
Kamron Khawaja
Karima Khawaja
Karina Khawaja
Kasim Khawaja
Kassem Khawaja
Kendra Khawaja
Kewan Khawaja
Khalida Khawaja
Khalid Khawaja
Khalil Khawaja
Khallad Khawaja
Khurum Khawaja
Kiran Khawaja
Kokab Khawaja
Komal Khawaja
Kosar Khawaja
Kubra Khawaja
Laura Khawaja
Maarij Khawaja
Maavra Khawaja
Madeeha Khawaja
Madiha Khawaja
Maen Khawaja
Maghferat Khawaja
Maha Khawaja
Mahin Khawaja
Mahira Khawaja
Mahmood Khawaja
Mahmoud Khawaja
Mahwish Khawaja
Maida Khawaja
Maimunah Khawaja
Maira Khawaja
Maire Khawaja
Majid Khawaja
Maliha Khawaja
Malika Khawaja
Mamoon Khawaja
Mamour Khawaja
Mansoor Khawaja
Mansur Khawaja
Manzoor Khawaja
Maqsood Khawaja
Maratab Khawaja
Maria Khawaja
Marina Khawaja
Marium Khawaja
Maryiam Khawaja
Masood Khawaja
Matloob Khawaja
Mehreen Khawaja
Melanie Khawaja
Melissa Khawaja
Memosh Khawaja
Michael Khawaja
Milda Khawaja
Minahil Khawaja
Misbah Khawaja
Mishal Khawaja
Missbah Khawaja
Moaz Khawaja
Moeed Khawaja
Moe Khawaja
Mohamad Khawaja
Mohamed Khawaja
Mohammad Khawaja
Mohammed Khawaja
Mohhamed Khawaja
Mohsan Khawaja
Mohsinuddin Khawaja
Mouna Khawaja
Mukhtar Khawaja
Mumtaz Khawaja
Munib Khawaja
Munir Khawaja
Muqbil Khawaja
Murhaf Khawaja
Mursaleen Khawaja
Murtaza Khawaja
Mustaqeem Khawaja
Muzna Khawaja
Nabeela Khawaja
Nabeel Khawaja
Nabil Khawaja
Nada Khawaja
Nadeem Khawaja
Nadia Khawaja
Naeem Khawaja
Naila Khawaja
Najam Khawaja
Najda Khawaja
Naji Khawaja
Nasera Khawaja
Nasir Khawaja
Nasra Khawaja
Nasralluh Khawaja
Nasrullah Khawaja
Natasah Khawaja
Natasha Khawaja
Nauman Khawaja
Naveed Khawaja
Nazar Khawaja
Nazeel Khawaja
Nazia Khawaja
Nicole Khawaja
Nida Khawaja
Nilofar Khawaja
Nina Khawaja
Nisha Khawaja
Nizar Khawaja
Noor Khawaja
Noorulain Khawaja
Noraiz Khawaja
Nosheen Khawaja
Nudba Khawaja
Obaidullah Khawaja
Okasha Khawaja
Okash Khawaja
Ola Khawaja
Omair Khawaja
Omar Khawaja
Omer Khawaja
Osman Khawaja
Pakeeza Khawaja
Parvez Khawaja
Pervaiz Khawaja
Qasim Khawaja
Qussai Khawaja
Rabia Khawaja
Rabyya Khawaja
Rafat Khawaja
Rafi Khawaja
Raheel Khawaja
Rahim Khawaja
Rahmat Khawaja
Raihan Khawaja
Raisa Khawaja
Ranya Khawaja
Rashid Khawaja
Razia Khawaja
Reema Khawaja
Reem Khawaja
Rehan Khawaja
Resham Khawaja
Richard Khawaja
Rifat Khawaja
Rimla Khawaja
Rita Khawaja
Rizwan Khawaja
Rizwanuddin Khawaja
Rizwanuhaq Khawaja
Rudina Khawaja
Rukhsana Khawaja
Rullujaua Khawaja
Rustum Khawaja
Saadiah Khawaja
Saad Khawaja
Saba Khawaja
Sabeeh Khawaja
Saboor Khawaja
Sadaf Khawaja
Sadia Khawaja
Sadruddin Khawaja
Saeeda Khawaja
Saeed Khawaja
Safia Khawaja
Sagar Khawaja
Sahil Khawaja
Sahrish Khawaja
Saifullah Khawaja
Saima Khawaja
Sajid Khawaja
Sakeena Khawaja
Sakina Khawaja
Salahuddin Khawaja
Salameh Khawaja
Saleem Khawaja
Salena Khawaja
Salik Khawaja
Salim Khawaja
Salina Khawaja
Sallie Khawaja
Sally Khawaja
Salmaan Khawaja
Salman Khawaja
Salome Khawaja
Salvador Khawaja
Samaira Khawaja
Sameah Khawaja
Samer Khawaja
Sami Khawaja
Samina Khawaja
Samin Khawaja
Samiullah Khawaja
Sam Khawaja
Sana Khawaja
Sanam Khawaja
Sarah Khawaja
Sara Khawaja
Saria Khawaja
Sarkis Khawaja
Sarmad Khawaja
Sehrish Khawaja
Shabana Khawaja
Shabnum Khawaja
Shadi Khawaja
Shaeza Khawaja
Shahid Khawaja
Shahnaz Khawaja
Shahzad Khawaja
Shaireen Khawaja
Shamsul Khawaja
Sharjeel Khawaja
Shazadi Khawaja
Shazad Khawaja
Shazah Khawaja
Shel Khawaja
Sheraz Khawaja
Shiraz Khawaja
Shirjeel Khawaja
Shumaeela Khawaja
Sidra Khawaja
Silveth Khawaja
Soban Khawaja
Sobat Khawaja
Sofia Khawaja
Sohaib Khawaja
Steve Khawaja
Subah Khawaja
Sudz Khawaja
Suhail Khawaja
Sumaila Khawaja
Sumaiyya Khawaja
Sumeera Khawaja
Sumera Khawaja
Summer Khawaja
Sundus Khawaja
Sunya Khawaja
Suraiya Khawaja
Svetlana Khawaja
Syed Khawaja
Tahira Khawaja
Tahseen Khawaja
Taimoor Khawaja
Tajwar Khawaja
Talal Khawaja
Talha Khawaja
Tania Khawaja
Tanveer Khawaja
Tanwir Khawaja
Tanya Khawaja
Taqi Khawaja
Tareb Khawaja
Tariq Khawaja
Tatiana Khawaja
Tausif Khawaja
Thaer Khawaja
Tuba Khawaja
Ubed Khawaja
Umaria Khawaja
Umar Khawaja
Usman Khawaja
Uthman Khawaja
Veneeda Khawaja
Wajhiuddin Khawaja
Waleed Khawaja
Waqar Khawaja
Waqas Khawaja
Wardah Khawaja
Waseem Khawaja
Wassan Khawaja
Yawar Khawaja
Yousuf Khawaja
Zaheen Khawaja
Zaheeruddin Khawaja
Zainab Khawaja
Zain Khawaja
Zara Khawaja
Zariq Khawaja
Zarish Khawaja
Zaryab Khawaja
Zeedo Khawaja
Zeeshan Khawaja
Zeewaqar Khawaja
Zehra Khawaja
Zeinab Khawaja
Zenah Khawaja
Zeryab Khawaja
Zia Khawaja
Ziauddin Khawaja
Zoheb Khawaja
Zubi Khawaja

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Popularity score: 518000

Common misspellings and typos for this name: Khawjaa, Kahwaja, Khwaaja, Khawaj, Khawaja, Khswsjs, Khawaja,
Khawaja, Khawaja, Khawaja, Khawaja, Khawajaa, Khawajae, Khawajai, Khawajao, Khawaja

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