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  Common first names for surname Kshatriya:

Aakanksha Kshatriya
Abhimanyu Kshatriya
Abhishek Kshatriya
Ajay Kshatriya
Alka Kshatriya
Amarnath Kshatriya
Amita Kshatriya
Amit Kshatriya
Amol Kshatriya
Anand Kshatriya
Anil Kshatriya
Ankita Kshatriya
Anuja Kshatriya
Arati Kshatriya
Ashish Kshatriya
Asootosh Kshatriya
Atul Kshatriya
Avnish Kshatriya
Axat Kshatriya
Baadal Kshatriya
Baku Kshatriya
Bakulesh Kshatriya
Bhakti Kshatriya
Bina Kshatriya
Bindu Kshatriya
Brijlal Kshatriya
Chandru Kshatriya
Chitra Kshatriya
Danny Kshatriya
Datesh Kshatriya
Deepak Kshatriya
Deeps Kshatriya
Devadas Kshatriya
Devanand Kshatriya
Devang Kshatriya
Devidas Kshatriya
Devi Kshatriya
Dhaval Kshatriya
Dheeraj Kshatriya
Dinesh Kshatriya
Dipak Kshatriya
Divya Kshatriya
Ganesh Kshatriya
Gautam Kshatriya
Ghanashyam Kshatriya
Gita Kshatriya
Gopal Kshatriya
Harshada Kshatriya
Hasumati Kshatriya
Heena Kshatriya
Hefumati Kshatriya
Hema Kshatriya
Himanshu Kshatriya
Hiren Kshatriya
Hitesh Kshatriya
Jagesh Kshatriya
Jatin Kshatriya
Jay Kshatriya
Jenisha Kshatriya
Jignesh Kshatriya
Jitendar Kshatriya
Jitendrakumar Kshatriya
Jyotin Kshatriya
Kalpa Kshatriya
Karmesh Kshatriya
Kaushal Kshatriya
Ketav Kshatriya
Kishanlal Kshatriya
Kishor Kshatriya
Likhith Kshatriya
Lowin Kshatriya
Madhav Kshatriya
Manish Kshatriya
Manjula Kshatriya
Manohar Kshatriya
Marina Kshatriya
Maunang Kshatriya
Mira Kshatriya
Mithila Kshatriya
Mohit Kshatriya
Moonesh Kshatriya
Mrigesh Kshatriya
Mudit Kshatriya
Mukesh Kshatriya
Murlidhar Kshatriya
Namrta Kshatriya
Nandini Kshatriya
Navnitlal Kshatriya
Neelam Kshatriya
Nihit Kshatriya
Nikita Kshatriya
Nikunj Kshatriya
Nilesh Kshatriya
Nimesh Kshatriya
Ninesh Kshatriya
Niraj Kshatriya
Nisha Kshatriya
Parag Kshatriya
Paresh Kshatriya
Pathare Kshatriya
Pinaki Kshatriya
Poonam Kshatriya
Pooran Kshatriya
Pranav Kshatriya
Pranjali Kshatriya
Prashant Kshatriya
Prashantkumar Kshatriya
Pratima Kshatriya
Priyanka Kshatriya
Purnima Kshatriya
Rachana Kshatriya
Radhika Kshatriya
Rajdeep Kshatriya
Rajesh Kshatriya
Raj Kshatriya
Rajs Kshatriya
Raju Kshatriya
Rakesh Kshatriya
Ramesh Kshatriya
Rashmika Kshatriya
Rini Kshatriya
Roma Kshatriya
Roshan Kshatriya
Rupa Kshatriya
Rupit Kshatriya
Sachin Kshatriya
Sagar Kshatriya
Sameer Kshatriya
Samsher Kshatriya
Sandeep Kshatriya
Sanmukhlal Kshatriya
Santosh Kshatriya
Saroj Kshatriya
Satish Kshatriya
Savitaben Kshatriya
Shailesh Kshatriya
Sharmistha Kshatriya
Shilpa Kshatriya
Shreenivas Kshatriya
Shruti Kshatriya
Shweta Kshatriya
Sudeep Kshatriya
Sumit Kshatriya
Sunanda Kshatriya
Suryakant Kshatriya
Sushil Kshatriya
Swaroop Kshatriya
Tanay Kshatriya
Tarun Kshatriya
Tejal Kshatriya
Trishna Kshatriya
Trupti Kshatriya
Tushar Kshatriya
Urmila Kshatriya
Vaibhav Kshatriya
Vaishali Kshatriya
Varma Kshatriya
Vijay Kshatriya
Vikarn Kshatriya
Vikas Kshatriya

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Popularity score: 333000

Common misspellings and typos for this name: Kshatryia, Khsatriya, Ksahtriya, Kshatriy, Kshatriya, Kshstriys, Kshatriya,
Kshatroya, Kshateiya, Kshattriya, Kshatriya, Kshatriyaa, Kshatriyae, Kshatriyai, Kshatriyao, Kshatriya

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