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  Common first names for surname Osakwe:

Adalina Osakwe
Ada Osakwe
Afi Osakwe
Aluka Osakwe
Ambrose Osakwe
Andrew Osakwe
Aneka Osakwe
Angela Osakwe
Ani Osakwe
Anthony Osakwe
Anwuli Osakwe
Buchi Osakwe
Chidi Osakwe
Chidude Osakwe
Chiedu Osakwe
Chizoba Osakwe
Christopher Osakwe
Chuka Osakwe
Chukwujekwu Osakwe
Chukwuma Osakwe
Clara Osakwe
Danniella Osakwe
Edith Osakwe
Edward Osakwe
Ekene Osakwe
Elizabeth Osakwe
Elue Osakwe
Emeka Osakwe
Emmanuel Osakwe
Eugene Osakwe
Franklyn Osakwe
Ifeanyi Osakwe
Ifei Osakwe
Ifeoma Osakwe
Ifeyinwa Osakwe
Ify Osakwe
Ijeoma Osakwe
Ikechukwu Osakwe
Ikenna Osakwe
Jane Osakwe
Jennifer Osakwe
Joseph Osakwe
Jude Osakwe
Kelvin Osakwe
Kenechi Osakwe
Kingsley Osakwe
Koye Osakwe
Louisa Osakwe
Marcus Osakwe
Margaret Osakwe
Mary Osakwe
Mavis Osakwe
Melva Osakwe
Michael Osakwe
Muky Osakwe
Nancy Osakwe
Ndubisi Osakwe
Ndudi Osakwe
Ndu Osakwe
Ngozi Osakwe
Nnaemeka Osakwe
Nneka Osakwe
Nwolisa Osakwe
Obiamaka Osakwe
Obichukwu Osakwe
Obiora Osakwe
Obi Osakwe
Ogugua Osakwe
Okem Osakwe
Olisa Osakwe
Ololade Osakwe
Onyechi Osakwe
Onyekachukwu Osakwe
Onyinye Osakwe
Oredia Osakwe
Osadebe Osakwe
Osaeloke Osakwe
Osato Osakwe
Patryke Osakwe
Perpetual Osakwe
Peter Osakwe
Phillipa Osakwe
Sandra Osakwe
Solomon Osakwe
Stella Osakwe
Sunday Osakwe
Tessy Osakwe
Tuoyo Osakwe
Uche Osakwe
Ugonna Osakwe
Uzoamaka Osakwe
Victor Osakwe
Vincent Osakwe
Wilson Osakwe
Winifred Osakwe

This surname was found in the following countries:
nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam   

Popularity score: 47500

Common misspellings and typos for this name: Osawke, Oaskwe, Oskawe, Osakw, Osakwa, Osskwe, Osakwe,
Osakwe, Osakwe, Osakwe, Osakwe, Osakwea, Osakwee, Osakwei, Osakweo, Osakwe

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