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  Common first names for surname Salvi:

Aarati Salvi
Aarchana Salvi
Aatish Salvi
Abhijeet Salvi
Abhijit Salvi
Abhinay Salvi
Abhishek Salvi
Aboli Salvi
Aditi Salvi
Aditya Salvi
Ajay Salvi
Akanksha Salvi
Aketan Salvi
Alan Salvi
Alberto Salvi
Aldo Salvi
Alesio Salvi
Alessandro Salvi
Alfredo Salvi
Alfred Salvi
Alicia Salvi
Aline Salvi
Alpaben Salvi
Amar Salvi
Amedea Salvi
Ameet Salvi
Ameya Salvi
Amey Salvi
Amit Salvi
Amol Salvi
Amrita Salvi
Anand Salvi
Anant Salvi
Andrea Salvi
Angelo Salvi
Aniket Salvi
Anil Salvi
Anjali Salvi
Anthony Salvi
Antonio Salvi
Anuja Salvi
Anupa Salvi
Anvesha Salvi
Archana Salvi
Arun Salvi
Asawari Salvi
Ashalata Salvi
Ashish Salvi
Ashvin Salvi
Ashwini Salvi
Ashwin Salvi
Audrey Salvi
Avdhut Salvi
Azmin Salvi
Bageshri Salvi
Basant Salvi
Bhakti Salvi
Bharati Salvi
Bharti Salvi
Bhau Salvi
Bhavesh Salvi
Brian Salvi
Brijesh Salvi
Brooke Salvi
Bruno Salvi
Carl Salvi
Carole Salvi
Caroline Salvi
Carol Salvi
Caterina Salvi
Cesare Salvi
Chaitanya Salvi
Chetan Salvi
Christopher Salvi
Corie Salvi
Cristinamaria Salvi
Cynthia Salvi
Dada Salvi
Daniela Salvi
Dario Salvi
Darlene Salvi
Darshana Salvi
Darshan Salvi
David Salvi
Deborah Salvi
Decio Salvi
Deepak Salvi
Deepali Salvi
Deepti Salvi
Delia Salvi
Demetrio Salvi
Denise Salvi
Dennis Salvi
Devina Salvi
Devkinandan Salvi
Dhruva Salvi
Diane Salvi
Diogo Salvi
Dipesh Salvi
Dipes Salvi
Ebla Salvi
Egisto Salvi
Eileen Salvi
Eliana Salvi
Elizabeth Salvi
Ellen Salvi
Emilie Salvi
Emimmo Salvi
Enzo Salvi
Eric Salvi
Errison Salvi
Ettore Salvi
Fabrina Salvi
Fernanda Salvi
Fosca Salvi
Francesco Salvi
Frances Salvi
Fransesco Salvi
Fulvia Salvi
Gauri Salvi
Gertrude Salvi
Giampietro Salvi
Gina Salvi
Giordy Salvi
Giovanni Salvi
Girish Salvi
Giulia Salvi
Giuseppina Salvi
Gouri Salvi
Hanosh Salvi
Harish Salvi
Harita Salvi
Harsharaj Salvi
Heather Salvi
Henri Salvi
Hiran Salvi
Holly Salvi
Irene Salvi
Jairaj Salvi
James Salvi
Janine Salvi
Jason Salvi
Jayant Salvi
Jayni Salvi
Jean Salvi
Jennifer Salvi
Jerry Salvi
Jigar Salvi
Jitendra Salvi
Jitesh Salvi
Joanne Salvi
John Salvi
Josephine Salvi
Joseph Salvi
Julien Salvi
Julio Salvi
Jyoti Salvi
Kashmira Salvi
Katie Salvi
Kavita Salvi
Kinit Salvi
Kirti Salvi
Komal Salvi
Kranti Salvi
Krishant Salvi
Lilio Salvi
Linata Salvi
Lola Salvi
Loretta Salvi
Lucantonio Salvi
Luca Salvi
Luigi Salvi
Luisa Salvi
Mafalda Salvi
Mahendra Salvi
Mahesh Salvi
Manan Salvi
Manasi Salvi
Manav Salvi
Mandar Salvi
Mangesh Salvi
Manisha Salvi
Manish Salvi
Mansi Salvi
Margherita Salvi
Marie Salvi
Marisa Salvi
Markarian Salvi
Marta Salvi
Martina Salvi
Mary Salvi
Maurizio Salvi
Michael Salvi
Michele Salvi
Milind Salvi
Mirella Salvi
Mirko Salvi
Missy Salvi
Mitali Salvi
Mitesh Salvi
Mithila Salvi
Mona Salvi
Nanalal Salvi
Neelima Salvi
Neha Salvi
Nelida Salvi
Nicola Salvi
Nikhil Salvi
Nikhl Salvi
Nilesh Salvi
Nunzio Salvi
Ophelia Salvi
Oscar Salvi
Osvaldo Salvi
Pallavi Salvi
Parag Salvi
Parajakat Salvi
Paris Salvi
Patrick Salvi
Paul Salvi
Payal Salvi
Philippe Salvi
Piazza Salvi
Piyu Salvi
Prachi Salvi
Pradnya Salvi
Prahlad Salvi
Prajakta Salvi
Prakash Salvi
Pralhad Salvi
Pramod Salvi
Prasad Salvi
Prashant Salvi
Pratima Salvi
Prati Salvi
Pravin Salvi
Preetam Salvi
Prem Salvi
Prerana Salvi
Prisque Salvi
Pritchard Salvi
Priyanka Salvi
Priya Salvi
Raash Salvi
Rachana Salvi
Raffaele Salvi
Rafik Salvi
Ragnar Salvi
Rahman Salvi
Rahul Salvi
Rainer Salvi
Raine Salvi
Raja Salvi
Rajendra Salvi
Ramakant Salvi
Ramesh Salvi
Ranjan Salvi
Reema Salvi
Reena Salvi
Rico Salvi
Ritesh Salvi
Roberta Salvi
Roberto Salvi
Rohan Salvi
Rohita Salvi
Rohit Salvi
Rojas Salvi
Rossella Salvi
Ruchika Salvi
Ruchira Salvi
Ruhamah Salvi
Sabino Salvi
Sabrina Salvi
Sachin Salvi
Sadie Salvi
Saloni Salvi
Salvi Salvi
Samarjeet Salvi
Samar Salvi
Sameer Salvi
Samir Salvi
Samruddha Salvi
Sandeep Salvi
Sandhya Salvi
Sangramsingh Salvi
Sanjivan Salvi
Sanket Salvi
Santosh Salvi
Sara Salvi
Satej Salvi
Satish Salvi
Saurabh Salvi
Sergio Salvi
Shailen Salvi
Shailesh Salvi
Shalaka Salvi
Shambhavi Salvi
Shashank Salvi
Shashikant Salvi
Shashi Salvi
Shivani Salvi
Shivram Salvi
Shlesha Salvi
Shreelekha Salvi
Shreyasi Salvi
Shreyas Salvi
Shrikant Salvi
Shrutika Salvi
Shweta Salvi
Siddhesh Salvi
Siddhi Salvi
Siddhyesh Salvi
Silvia Salvi
Simone Salvi
Simon Salvi
Siriana Salvi
Sreeja Salvi
Stacy Salvi
Stefano Salvi
Steve Salvi
Subhash Salvi
Sugam Salvi
Sulbha Salvi
Sundeep Salvi
Sunil Salvi
Sunita Salvi
Surjit Salvi
Sushma Salvi
Swapna Salvi
Swaroop Salvi
Swati Salvi
Tais Salvi
Tejas Salvi
Telias Salvi
Timothy Salvi
Uday Salvi
Ujwala Salvi
Umesh Salvi
Urmil Salvi
Usha Salvi
Vaibhav Salvi
Vaijayanti Salvi
Vaishali Salvi
Valentino Salvi
Valerio Salvi
Varsha Salvi
Veenal Salvi
Veena Salvi
Veijaai Salvi
Veronica Salvi
Vicki Salvi
Vijay Salvi
Vikas Salvi
Vikram Salvi
Vinayak Salvi
Vinay Salvi
Vipula Salvi
Vipul Salvi
Viraj Salvi
Yogesh Salvi
Yolette Salvi

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Popularity score: 5230000

Common misspellings and typos for this name: Savli, Slavi, Savli, Salv, Salva, Sslvi, Salvi,
Salvo, Salvi, Salvi, Sallvi, Salvia, Salvie, Salvii, Salvio, Salvi

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