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  Common first names for surname Uros:

Alexander Uros
Allison Uros
Andric Uros
Apic Uros
Bajc Uros
Bajuk Uros
Baltic Uros
Benacek Uros
Bogojevic Uros
Camidzic Uros
Cosic Uros
Dimitrijevic Uros
Dinic Uros
Dirinji Uros
Duvnjak Uros
Dzunic Uros
Gavrilovic Uros
Gibson Uros
Globovnik Uros
Godicelj Uros
Ivanovic Uros
Jandric Uros
Jankovic Uros
Jazbec Uros
Jenko Uros
Katherine Uros
Kidric Uros
Knezevic Uros
Kovacevic Uros
Kozar Uros
Kuret Uros
Kveder Uros
Leder Uros
Ljeskovic Uros
Lucic Uros
Lukic Uros
Lukovic Uros
Majerle Uros
Marinsek Uros
Martin Uros
Mijailovic Uros
Miklic Uros
Milenkovic Uros
Miletic Uros
Mirkovic Uros
Mitrovic Uros
Mladenovic Uros
Mrak Uros
Nicole Uros
Nikolic Uros
Ninic Uros
Pavlovic Uros
Petrovic Uros
Petrov Uros
Pilipovic Uros
Radivojevic Uros
Radosavljevic Uros
Raj Uros
Scavnicar Uros
Seljak Uros
Slokar Uros
Spajic Uros
Stamatovic Uros
Stupar Uros
Timotic Uros
Trdan Uros
Trifunovic Uros
Tripkovic Uros
Troppan Uros
Trust Uros
Urke Uros
Velickovic Uros
Vico Uros
Zadnik Uros
Zivanovic Uros

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Common misspellings and typos for this name: Uors, Uors, Urso, Uro, Uroa, Uros, Uros,
Uros, Ueos, Uros, Uros, Urosa, Urose, Urosi, Uroso, Uros

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