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  Common first names for surname vani:

Aaron vani
Aarow vani
Achievers vani
Adriano vani
Afrim vani
Akshay vani
Alamuru vani
Alba vani
Ale vani
Alexia vani
Alok vani
Amanda vani
Amarda vani
Amirtha vani
Amit vani
Ammulu vani
Amrutha vani
Anatazha vani
Angela vani
Angelo vani
Antonini vani
Anur vani
Asha vani
Azeem vani
Bavani vani
Baysix vani
Bhagavatula vani
Bha vani
Bhavya vani
Bhimavarapu vani
Bhonagiri vani
Binnu vani
Bobba vani
Boinpalli vani
Bruno vani
Bysani vani
Castle vani
Chikka vani
Chillara vani
Chitluri vani
Christina vani
Colomba vani
Danielle vani
Daniel vani
Delmo vani
Devananda vani
Dhamayanthi vani
Diana vani
Dianna vani
Divya vani
Durga vani
Elo vani
Eppa vani
Eric vani
Esai vani
Fernanda vani
Frank vani
Frederico vani
Gangoni vani
Ganji vani
Garlapalli vani
Gaura vani
Geeta vani
Geetha vani
Gehani vani
Girija vani
Gjergji vani
Gohi vani
Gokila vani
Gollapalli vani
Gounden vani
Greena vani
Gubbi vani
Guniganti vani
Gveena vani
Haren vani
Harshita vani
Hdurga vani
Heather vani
Hema vani
Hgeetha vani
Humming vani
Ikokila vani
Indukuri vani
Isai vani
Jammigumpula vani
Jaya vani
Jeanette vani
Jeevana vani
Jessica vani
Jina vani
Joseph vani
Juvvala vani
Kalai vani
Kala vani
Kamachi vani
Kancha vani
Kancherla vani
Karan vani
Kathleen vani
Kgeetha vani
Kirthi vani
Kodela vani
Kogila vani
Kohila vani
Kokhila vani
Kokila vani
Komala vani
Konkala vani
Kota vani
Krishna vani
Krsna vani
Krupa vani
Kveena vani
Lakshmi vani
Ledua vani
Leela vani
Lila vani
Lingamaneni vani
Lou vani
Luca vani
Luftim vani
Luigi vani
Lvly vani
Madhura vani
Malar vani
Malav vani
Mamidi vani
Manakad vani
Manda vani
Mangunta vani
Manjula vani
Manju vani
Marcelo vani
Mary vani
Mitra vani
Mkalai vani
Mkokila vani
Msucheeta vani
Mukkera vani
Mukunda vani
Muniaswamy vani
Muthyala vani
Nadia vani
Nallapareddy vani
Neelam vani
Neela vani
Nilesh vani
Nimmaneni vani
Nina vani
Nirupama vani
Nithiya vani
Norma vani
Ntsikelelo vani
Ovia vani
Palak vani
Panthulu vani
Parham vani
Parva vani
Pasquale vani
Pattu vani
Pkalai vani
Prameela vani
Prema vani
Priyanga vani
Priyani vani
Punnageeta vani
Pushadapu vani
Pvijaya vani
Pvijay vani
Ramesh vani
Rampalli vani
Ramseyer vani
Rani vani
Reddivari vani
Reddy vani
Richa vani
Rick vani
Rivani vani
Roopa vani
Rupali vani
Rupa vani
Rvs vani
Samir vani
Sangeetha vani
Sarada vani
Sarah vani
Sashikala vani
Sathiya vani
Sathya vani
Satya vani
Shahin vani
Shanthi vani
Shayan vani
Sheeba vani
Siripuram vani
Skalai vani
Sowjanya vani
Sreevani vani
Sri vani
Srivani vani
Stephen vani
Sthanikam vani
Suchi vani
Sudha vani
Susheel vani
Suvitha vani
Swara vani
Tamil vani
Tammala vani
Taruna vani
Tejas vani
Teja vani
Tsk vani
Uma vani
Usha vani
Vaieke vani
Valarmathy vani
Valencia vani
Vanitha vani
Varada vani
Vasantha vani
Veenavani vani
Vemula vani
Verravali vani
Vijaya vani
Vijay vani
Vijjay vani
Vrinda vani
Vsuvarna vani
Wahid vani
Wilma vani
Yalamanchi vani
Yazhisai vani

This surname was found in the following countries:
nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam    nam   

Common misspellings and typos for this name: vnai, vnai, vain, van, vana, vsni, vani,
vano, vani, vani, vani, vania, vanie, vanii, vanio, vanni

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